About Thogar

Tom first became interested in science fiction & science as a very young child thanks to his parents. His earliest memories of enjoying scifi were sitting with his dad watching first-run episodes of the original Star Trek. In a wonderful stroke of symmetry, his first-born daughter grew up watching first-run episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation whilst sitting with him. It is hoped this becomes a tradition for many generations to come. Although a rabid fan of nearly all forms of scripted television, some of Tom’s favorite shows are all versions of both Star Trek and Stargate, Firefly, Falling Skies, Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, the X-Files and Chuck. He also has a particular love for British television and dearly hopes to one day visit the United Kingdom. Until then, he remains sequestered in a dark corner surviving on a diet of dust bunnies and cosmic background radiation only able to see by the light of his three computer monitors. Pity him.

I’m So Embarrassed, I Forgot To Tell You I’ve Moved

I’m So Embarrassed! I Forgot To Tell You I’ve Moved.

Posted on March 4, 2012

If you’re looking for SciFi Singularity I’ve changed the address to scifisingularity.wordpress.com because that “sfsingularity” was so confusing.  People were asking if “sf” stood for all sort of random things like “San Francisco,” “Steampunk Ferrets,” “Sasquatch Fur,” “Squirrel Farts” and even some silly suggestions I’m not going to list.

So…suffice it to say I’ve removed all doubt by changing that vague “sf” to “scifi” which I think better explains that my blog is most certainly not about small, flatulent woodland creatures.  I would very much appreciate it if you would waltz over to the newly “de-ambiguized” (Sure, it’s a word.  It’s on the internet so it must be true.) http://scifisingularity.wordpress.com and shower me with accolades.  At the very least, reading my drivel should make you feel quite superior to my ridiculously weak efforts.  So there…everyone wins.  Right?